Róisín Ingle on . . . questions of sex, love and equality – Irish Times

Irish Times

Róisín Ingle on . . . questions of sex, love and equality
Irish Times
After I've bounced out of bed this morning in anticipation of the good news (it will be good news, I feel it deep in my waters), I will face into another barrage of questions from my six-year-old daughters. These questions are coming at me at a pace

Can a marriage end up being sexless?

Can a marriage end up being sexless? This is the question I put to a group of Chelsea escorts who visited us here at the Better Sex offices the other day. Chelsea escorts, as well as other escorts across London, spend a lot of time talking to their dates. A lot of men who date Chelsea escorts seem to sound very lonely, and I asked the Chelsea escorts what they knew about their marriages.

Where their dates lonely because they lived alone, or had they ended up in sex less marriages without any real love. It is a bit of a tricky question which I did not want to ask the Chelsea escorts’ dates directly.

Sexless marriages – do they exist?

Sexless marriages do exist and it seems that they are getting more common. Chelsea escorts found that Older people seem to have more time to make love and have sex with each other, but younger people have less time for love and sex in their lives. There are many reasons behind this but perhaps the prime reason is hard work.

In most marriages these days both parties need to work to make ends meet. Living in large metros such as London is expensive, and a lot of couples are finding that they have no time for each other say Chelsea escorts. They are always on the go, and if it isn’t work, it is the kids, the home or shopping. Life is always so rushed these days and this is probably one of the reasons a marriage can end up sex less. Stress in Life

If, we have a lot of stress and problems in our lives,we often end up wanting or making love less. Our brains sort of switch off that part of our love life, and we end up just falling tiredly asleep when we get home to our partners. Our beds come to mean sleep and that is that. What once used to be a loving relationship is now one of necessity and function.

If you listen to what people say, you will soon notice that many marriages seem to have become working partnerships or business arrangements, instead of loving relationships. Our modern day lifestyles account for many sexless marriages, and eventually we get used to this kind of lifestyle. It should not be the norm stated Chelsea escorts but it can quickly become the norm without us realising what is happening.

What to do?

What do you do if you find yourself trapped in a sexless marriage? All of a sudden, you wake up one morning to find that your marriage has been without sex for some time. Do you say to your partner that you want a “restart” of your sex life, or do you try to be more romantic? It is a difficult spot to find yourself in.

First of all, you need to find out why you marriage is sexless. Is it because of a physical problem, or have you no time for sex? There are many questions that should be answered.

Maintaining a happy marriage is an important factor in a sexy marriage. Don’t lose site of each other, and make sure that you give love time in your marriage.

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Is It Possible To Have A Successful Marriage Without Sex?

The lack of frequent sex in couples who are married or living together is a reality that occurs quite often. The common daily routine, fatigue after a long day of work or lack of desire is the main factors that contribute greatly to this situation. Should we resign ourselves to this sexual deficiency? Is it possible that a marriage or a common-law relationship to successfully survive the passage of months without having any intimacy?

U.S. National Health and Social Life Survey

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. National Health and Social Life Survey, 20% of marriages in the United States do not have sex, leading to a sum of 40 million people. The study, published in 2012 and reviewed in huffingtonpost.com, showed that 10% of the participants, who were 50-years-old or more, did not have sex in a year. The ones who were 40-years-old or so, had sex 58 times a year, while those individuals under 30 years of age had sex 111 times a year.

A Relationship Consists of Many Things, Not Only Sex

Against this background, how can this situation affect a relationship? When is it time to take action and talk about it? “Depending on the couple, sexual intimacy is necessary to have a successful relationship,” says Dr. Carmen Valcárcel, an expert in human sexuality.” However, in addition to sex, sexual intimacy includes fondling, kissing, and hugging. In other words, a relationship consists of more things than just ‘sex.’ According to this doctor, there are couples in successful relationships who have never had sexual intercourse.

Is It Possible to Have a Successful Marriage without Having Sex?

According to this doctor, yes, it is possible. “The bottom line is that if both are honest and sincerely agree to not have sex, a marriage can still be successful.” She notes that this type of situation may occur because one of them might have a physical condition or illness that prevents them from having sex. This may be temporary or permanent. But again, it must be by mutual agreement. It is important that there is an excellent communication, mutual respect, and openness to non-sexual intimacy in order to prevent a marriage from being ruined.

There are a lot of sexologists who recommend that a couple should have sex three or four times a week. There are even some who state that a couple should have sex only once or twice a week. However, a couple can have a successful relationship beyond this recommendation. It is up to how they feel. At the end of the day, everybody is different.

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