The revival of your flagging sex life


One of the reasons many ladies visit male Welling escorts is quite simply because their men folk refuse to look after their health. After a certain in a marriage, a wife appreciates that it is only so much she can do to look after her husband’s health. Men must understand that if they don’t look after their health, common health problems such as erectile dysfunction can follow. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction can cause any lead to go off sex, and she will be forced to turn to male Welling escorts services from instead. Fortunately for the discerning lady there are a number of male Welling escorts agencies who can help out a frustrated damsel in distress. That might be a good thing as many more men now than ever happen to suffer from conditions such as erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. These are both common conditions which can be improved upon if measures are taken in the right direction.


Male Welling escorts say that they are getting contacted on an ever more frequent basis to help with problem like these. It is vitally important to recognize that both health problems are frustrating for both parties say male Welling escorts. However, there are many things that can be done, and male Welling escorts personally recognize how important it is to stay fit to be a bomb in bed. Ditch the cigs – the first thing male Welling escorts are keen to point out is that no gentleman should smoke. Not only does it smell bad, and it is not nice to kiss a smoker. But, smoking can lead to many health problems associated with male sexual health. Unfortunately, the tar and other ingredients in tobacco can reduce micro circulation which is vital to maintain good quality erections.


Fatty foods – fatty foods such as cheese, red meat and cream should be eaten in moderation. This can also lead to circulatory problems, and it can also harden the glands. They can even affect the prostate gland and cause false readings on PSA tests. It is not necessary to eat a fried breakfast or a steak every day. Try to focus on low fat meats, and fish say male Welling escorts. Fruit and vegetables – male Welling escorts really enjoy looking after their health and they know how important it is to include fruit and vegetables in their diet. They are a good source of fiber and they are also full of nutrients which are vital for better circulation and better sexual health. Aim to eat at least five to eight portions of fruit per day, and you will soon notice a revival of your flagging sex life.


Of course, male Welling escorts are also great believers in exercise and know that it is vital to stay active for better sex. Men should spend much more time listening to their wives advice, and this would certainly to stop their lovely wives running to male Welling escorts for a bit of sexy companionship. After all, we should all be able to enjoy good quality personal lives…

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